Who needs virtual machines when Homebrew makes it so simple?

A quick guide on getting a web stack running on OS X/Mac with Homebrew. UPDATE The goal of my article is to get a development environment quickly setup. The »

Destiny: My Two Cents

There's been a lot of hype around Bungie's latest AAA title Destiny. People seems to love to hate it, even medias seem to force themselves to hate it because it's »

Robin Williams

Depuis hier, je regarde des photos de Robin Williams sans vraiment réaliser que nous n'aurons plus droit à un de ses fameux stand-ups, ou à un autre de ses films »

Moving (on) and stuff.

It's been a while I haven't published anything, I've been quite silent in the past months. It's been a crazy ride since January, I've been through a lot of ups »

Got back to World of Warcraft

After 3 years of denying my love for the warcraft universe, I started playing Hearthstone and damn I loved it! Then I started watching Twitch live streams more and more »


What the F is Brainpad about? This is the organization name I use for my own personal projects. Every article written on this blog are solely my own thoughts, comments »