Today I wanted to write about surely the one of the hardest thing about freelancing.


In the last months, I've been having a hard time getting fixed work schedules. Sometimes I was working early, sometimes at night, sometimes in the afternoon. It was messy and it fucked with my whole inner-system a lot. Surprisingly, I never thought I could inverse my sleep schedule but I was stuck living the night without never finding sleep and sleeping all up to 2-3pm. This sucked a lot.

I tried it all, sleeping pills, herbs, meditation, etc. But it didn't work. All it took was time. Now I'm alright, hopefully. I can work normal 9 to 5 schedule, and I'm now easily twice as productive as I've been in the last months. (Clients are going to be glad!)

Anyways, never forget that it's always possible to fix any problem. Just keep thinking and you will find a solution.

Mine was time. What will be yours?